Who is Ray Buffer? Wikipedia Biography, Age, Accused of Stealing Comics

Ray Buffer Wikipedia – Ray Buffer Biography

Ray Buffer is being accused by a San Diego comic book store of stealing some pricey comics … and the store says security footage shows him stuffing them up his shirt.

Southern California Comics in San Diego alleges it has Ray on video stealing $600 worth of comic books. The store filed a police report with SDPD and is handing over evidence to police, including their security footage.

Ray Buffer Age

He is 53 years old.

Buffer is Accused of Stealing Comics

Southern California Comics in San Diego first leveled the accusations last week, posting footage of him stuffing his shirt with multiple books on September 29.

The price of the collectibles, the store said in a scathing post the next day, amounted to more than $600 – spurring the store to file a police report with SDPD.

Staffers have since handed over the evidence to police, including other footage they say shows Buffer holding the books.

The store also says Buffer – a 53-year-old actor who appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm and ER in the early 2000s but has since been relegated to a career of commercials and contract work at local theme parks – is a repeat offender.

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In addition to Buffer’s alleged boost last week, the store posted footage of the fallen star getting caught red-handed by a staffer in a similar incident at an LA comic store the week prior.

The video, reportedly captured by staffers at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, shows the owner confronting Buffer after seeing him pull the same move, pointing out that he was on camera.

That incident saw the downtrodden actor – who has a bit in the recently released Brad Pitt flick Bullet Train – put the comics back and leave as the owner threatened to call the police.

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