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Who is Audrey Hale? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Nashville Christian School Shooter

Audrey Hale Wikipedia – Audrey Hale Biography

Audrey Hale was the former art student accused of fatally shooting three students and three adult staff members at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27, 2023, according to Nashville police.

Hale, a Nashville resident who once attended the private Christian school, is also dead, police said. According to officials, the victims were rushed to a local hospital, where they died.


Hale was 28 years old.

Nashville Christian School Shooting

A total of seven people, including the shooter, were killed at the school, police said. Police have identified the victims on Twitter as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all 9, along with 61-year-old Cynthia Peak, 60-year-old Katherine Koonce, and 61-year-old Mike Hill. Koonce was the head of the school.

While police have called the suspect a female and a woman and used she/her pronouns during their first press conferences, on LinkedIn, Hale indicated the use of he/him pronouns. Nashville Police Chief John Drake said Hale does identify as transgender, per a later press conference.

Hale’s family and friends have not commented if Hale was transgender, had transitioned from female to male, or just preferred he/him pronouns. LinkedIn also indicated Hale had used the name Aiden Hale, including links to a now-deleted Instagram page under “creative. Aiden” and a Facebook page with the word “Aiden Creates,” along with a still-active RedBubble site with the same name. Hale uses the name Audrey Hale on a personal website.

Police said they were searching for a home connected to Hale in the Nashville area.


Two officers confronted Hale on the school’s second floor, Nashville police tweeted. Police said Hale went to the second floor and opened fire.

“We have investigations ongoing now at the residence on Brightwood Avenue, and we have made contact with the father that lived at that residence and are putting together more information,” Drake said in a later press conference. “We’ve also determined there were maps drawn of the school in detail, surveillance, entry points, etc. We know and believe that entry was gained through shooting through one of the doors is how they got into the school.” Hale’s parents own the home.

Drake said the shooting was a “targeted attack.” He also said, “We have a manifesto; we have some writings that we are going over that pertain to this date of the actual incident. We have a map of how this was also going to take place. There is a theory that we may be able to talk about later, but it is not confirmed. We’ll put that out as soon as we can.”

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He added, “Our investigation tells us she was a former student at the school. I don’t know what grade she attended or grades, but we do firmly believe she was a student there.” He said the suspect identifies as transgender and a woman but did not provide any other details about Hale’s identity and pronouns. Drake said “there is some theory” they are investigating about whether Hale’s trans identity connects to the motive for the shooting, but he said he would provide that later.

There was no school resource officer on-site at the school, but the school did have an active shooter protocol, the police said.

Nashville police tweeted, “Two MNPD officers who entered the building and went to the sounds of gunfire engaged the shooter on the second floor and fatally shot her.”

Hale was “engaged by police” officers responding to an active shooter call at The Covenant School, and she was shot and killed, according to The Tennessean. The newspaper wrote, “At the scene, scores of parents and onlookers gathered in a parking lot, awaiting updates, as helicopters circled the area, surrounded by a residential and busy business district.”

Nashville Police spokesperson Don Aaron said at a noon press conference, “At 10:13 this morning, the police department received a call of an active shooter inside Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church. The police department response was swift.”

Officers “entered the first story of the school, began clearing it,” Aaron said in the news conference. “They heard shots coming from the second level. They immediately went to the gunfire. When the officers got to the second level, they saw a female shooter who was firing. The officers engaged her. She was fatally shot by responding police officers.”

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