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Who is Deon Howard? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Stole Funeral Home Van, Arrested

Deon Howard Wikipedia – Deon Howard Biography

Deon Howard was wanted for allegedly stealing a van from a funeral home with a corpse inside and dumping the body in a Chicago alleyway, has finally been arrested — after two months on the lam.

Howard was taken into custody on Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, about 200 miles north of the crime scene.


He is 23 years old.

A Man Arrested Who Stole Funeral Home Van

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office said he was arrested after arguing with an officer during a traffic stop, where the police identified him as the wanted suspect.

Howard is accused of stealing a van from the Collins & Stone Funeral Home in Rockford on Jan. 21, carrying the body of 47-year-old Curtis Brown, a father of 12.

Police found the van abandoned the following day, and the next day, they spotted Brown’s body tossed naked into an alleyway in South Chicago, about 100 miles from the funeral home.

Rockford Police Chief Carla Redd said she was shocked by the brazen crime during a news conference on Jan. 24, when Brown’s body was returned to his family.

“In 25 years, this is the first time we’ve ever heard of anything like this. I hope we never have to see anything like this again,” Redd said.

While Rockford police said they are still investigating how the van was stolen from the funeral home, they noted that the vehicle was unlocked and running before Howard allegedly drove off in it.

Before the incident, funeral home director Brandy Collins had received a $10,000 fine for “unprofessional conduct, failure to account for personal property, and aiding and assisting unlicensed practice.”

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She was placed on probation through May 2023, with Brown’s family demanding that the home be closed down over its alleged negligence in the case.

Collins said: “We strive to lessen the burden of bereaved families as they face a tough time, and we work diligently to comply with standards of regulations that apply to the funeral home profession. Our goal is always to provide quality services that our community has come to expect from us.

“We will continue to partner with law enforcement and look forward to justice being served. Our sympathy and sincere prayers are with the family and friends affected by this crime.”

Howard was charged with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and abuse of a corpse and also faced obstruction and weapons-related charges in Wisconsin. Officials did not say when he would be extradited to Illinois.


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