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Who is James Toliver Craig? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Dentist, Poisoning His Wife

James Toliver Craig Wikipedia – James Toliver Craig Biography

James Toliver Craig is an Aurora, Colorado, dentist, and father of six who is accused of poisoning his wife, Angela Craig, to death, on March 15, 2023.

The office manager of the dental practice where Craig worked told police that Craig and his wife worked out in the morning on March 6, 2023, and, before the workout, Craig “made Angela a protein shake or pre-workout shake, in which James gave her extra protein because she was feeling sluggish,” an affidavit in the case says.


He is 45 years old.

Dentist Accused of Poisoning His Wife

The charges relate to an incident where Craig drove his wife, aged 43, to a local hospital at around 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday due to severe headaches and dizziness, as per a news release. After arriving at the hospital, her condition worsened rapidly, and she was put on a ventilator in an intensive care unit, ultimately being declared medically brain dead shortly after.

The affidavit, obtained by the Daily Beast, reveals that on March 15, 2023, Angela Craig presented herself to University Hospital due to a severe headache and dizziness, accompanied by her brother and later her husband. She had a seizure at 2 p.m. and eventually had to be put on life support. Hospital staff could not identify any known medical condition that could have led to her rapid deterioration.

A person whose name was redacted told one of the nurses attending Angela that they suspected poisoning. This person also revealed that Craig had recently ordered Potassium Cyanide for their dental practice, which the nurse reported to the police.

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According to Craig’s business partner, he had marital problems with Angela and had filed for bankruptcy in 2021, with the risk of default again looming. On March 6, 2023, the day Angela first became ill, Craig was seen using his laptop at an exam room computer with the lights off. He later sent a text to someone stating that he would be receiving a personal package and not to open it.

The package arrived on March 13. When opened by an employee, it was discovered to contain a bio-hazard sticker and a circular canister labeled “Potassium Cyanide,” which the employee later realized corresponded to Angela’s symptoms. Craig was accused of suggesting to a nurse that Angela might have been poisoned with Potassium Cyanide, but he initially claimed the package contained a ring he planned to surprise her with.

Later, he admitted it contained Potassium Cyanide but said Angela had asked him to order it. However, the affidavit notes that Angela had been hospitalized for symptoms such as dizziness and weakness multiple times. The testimony also reveals that a nursing professor had texted Craig about Angela’s symptoms and that he had told her about Angela’s low blood pressure and vomiting.

Police Report

According to a news release, the Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives conducted an intensive investigation into the suspicious death and discovered that the victim was poisoned. The detectives obtained a warrant for first-degree murder early Sunday morning, shortly after doctors decided to take the victim off life support.

Division Chief Mark Hildebrand praised the team’s hard work in uncovering the truth behind the victim’s sudden illness and death, describing the case as a heinous, complex, and calculated murder. The investigation is ongoing; anyone with information is urged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.

Craig’s biography is featured on the Dental Implants in Aurora website, where he describes himself as a general dentist with over 15 years of experience. He has also taught at the University of Missouri School of Dentistry and worked on research teams for the National Institutes of Health. In a video for his dental group, Craig emphasized the importance of listening to his patients.

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