Who was Rosa Chacon? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Missing, Found Dead

Rosa Chacon Wikipedia – Rosa Chacon Biography

Rosa Chacon, a Chicago woman who was missing for months. Her body has been found tied up and wrapped in sheets in a shopping cart.

Her family outside her home last saw Chacon on 18 January. Her body was found in an alley in Chicago’s Southwest Side area on 15 March.


She was 22 years old.


The family’s home security camera footage showed Chacon getting into an Uber. Her family said she had not taken any ID with her or even her coat.

It remains unclear whether she made it to her destination.

Found Dead

Chacon’s body was found nearly two miles from where she was last seen at around 10.45 am on 15 March, and her family identified her through her tattoos.

“I don’t know how they have the heart to do somebody like that,” Ms. Chacon, the victim’s mother, had said after the body was discovered.

The Cook County medical examiner will now determine the exact cause of Chacon’s death.

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Chacon’s family claims the Chicago police did not do much to help find her and had instead hired private investigators to help with the search.

Chicago police detectives described her case as a “death investigation” as of Saturday.

The police have offered a $15,000 reward for information that could lead to an arrest and conviction.

Family Statement

The family’s home security camera footage showed Chacon getting into an Uber. Her family said she had not taken any ID with her or her coat.

Whether Chacon’s family and community organized a vigil on Saturday to honor her remains unclear. It would have been the missing woman’s 22nd birthday.

“I miss my baby,” Chacon’s father, Jose Lucio, told ABC7. “Normally when our daughter leaves, we hear from her. She calls the next day, she calls an hour after she leaves, she’s in a house, she’s secure, she’s nice and warm. But we didn’t hear anything.”

Chacon’s mother recalled the 21-year-old’s last words to her. She made it to her destination.

“I’ll be back mom. I got the Uber ride there and the Uber rides back,” she had said, according to the mother, also named Rosa Chacon.

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