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Emma Heming is speaking candidly and with great emotion on the occasion of her husband Bruce Willis’ 68th birthday. Taking to Instagram, Emma shared her thoughts about the milestone, revealing that her day began with tears due to Bruce’s recent dementia diagnosis.

She is clearly grappling with the impact the diagnosis is having on their family, and her honesty is both raw and poignant.


She is 44 years old.

Bruce Willis’s Wife’s Emotional Video

She goes on to say that people are always commending her for being so strong in the face of adversity … but, as she notes, she doesn’t have a choice in the matter — and does what she has to do to keep her household and life in order.

Despite having to put on a brave face, Emma says she experiences times of grief and sadness — especially with having two young children that she and Bruce are raising — and as she tearfully explains … it’s complicated.

BTW, Emma says these videos she makes — giving updates on Bruce’s condition and how it’s affecting their home life, etc. — are gut-wrenching to her … but she does them anyway because she knows how many fans BW has … who are interested in his well-being/journey.

She says the outpouring of love and support she and Bruce have received means the world to her … and Emma takes it all to heart. We also know Emma is deeply protective of Bruce these days — she recently told paps (publicly) to back off and leave him be.

Seeing her vulnerable is tough to watch … but it’s refreshing too. Considering how beloved Bruce is, you have to imagine people appreciate her sharing. Happy birthday, Bruno.

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