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Who is Robert Dennis Furo? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Jacob Elordi’s Alleged Stalker

Robert Dennis Furo Wikipedia – Robert Dennis Furo Biography

The star of the hit series “Euphoria,” Jacob Elordi, has been accused of being stalked by Robert Dennis Furo, a fan. Elordi states that despite his attempts to dissuade Furo, Furo has routinely turned up at his house with unwelcome presents and declarations of love.

Elordi, who purportedly has a criminal history, obtained a restraining order against Furo to handle this problem.


He is 61 years old.

Jacob Elordi’s Alleged Stalker

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Robert Dennis Furo made two uninvited visits to Jacob Elordi’s home in Hollywood during February, leaving gifts, including pastries, roses, candies, and a handwritten note. Elordi claims to have never met Furo before and discarded the gifts. However, a few minutes later, Furo allegedly appeared in Elordi’s yard, calling his name, professing his love, and referring to Elordi’s “stupid ugly face.”

Elordi confronted Furo and told him to leave, but the actor claims Furo persisted in yelling and professing his love until he finally departed. Elordi then reported the incident to the police.

Several weeks later, Elordi returned home to find flowers, candy, and another note in his backyard. He also claims to have security footage showing Furo entering his property three times in 30 minutes. The note apologized for a previous encounter and asked Elordi to call the writer, adding, “My hands are shaking.” Elordi believes that Furo may be monitoring his home or tracking his location because Furo only appears when Elordi is away. He is currently working on a film and is afraid to return home.

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Elordi also claims Furo has a criminal record and is the same person who trespassed into Nicolas Cage’s house in 2007. Furthermore, Elordi alleges that Furo has been posting about his love for him on social media, and he is worried that Furo’s behavior may escalate.

As a result, Elordi filed for a temporary restraining order against Furo, which a judge granted. The decree stipulates that Furo must cease attempting to contact Elordi and stay at least 100 yards away from Elordi’s home, vehicle, and workplace.

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