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Kate Barley was with her two pet dogs when she disappeared in the municipality of Adeje south of the island.

Police are hunting for a missing British woman who vanished nearly a week ago on the holiday island of Tenerife.

Spanish missing persons’ platform SOS Desaparecidos described her case as ‘urgent’ in an alert about her disappearance.

Kate Barley Age

She is 60 years old.


She has been described locally as British, although police could not be reached early this morning (Tuesday, March 14) for an official comment.

Kate, whose full name is Kate Barley Bizzarro, is said to drive a white Smart car. The last-known sighting of her was last Wednesday (March 8).

An initial SOS Desaparecidos appeal said: ‘Kate Barley Bizarro disappeared on March 8 in Adeje.’

Describing her as just over 5ft 7 tall, with long straight blonde hair and blue eyes, it said: ‘She uses graduated glasses, has a foreign accent and drives a white Smart Bianca with the number-plate 6274 KDL.’

In a second appeal, the Canary Islands branch of SOS Canarias added: ‘Kate, 60, was accompanied by her two dogs, a white Yorkshire and a beige Chihuahua.

‘The two dogs, Jimmy and Luky, have also disappeared. We appeal to the public for help.’

A spokesman for the National Police in Tenerife said: ‘The missing woman is a British national and the National Police are working on trying to establish her whereabouts.’

The spokesman said he was unable to offer any more information on the police work that was being done at this stage. However, it is understood that as part of standard protocol, officers will have checked out places like hospitals.

A source close to the case added: ‘Her relatives are also actively searching for her.’

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It is understood that the Civil Guard, Spain’s other national police force that covers parts of Tenerife that tend to be more rural and outside of populated towns and cities, is also involved in the hunt for Kate.

They have yet to make any official comment.

Well-placed sources said Kate had been born in Brazil but was a British passport holder.

One insider said: ‘This is a highly worrying disappearance. She’s not someone with a history of this sort of behavior.

‘Investigators have been told it’s the first time she’s gone missing like this.’

Another said: ‘Our understanding is she was last seen leaving home in her car with the dogs on March 8.’

It is believed her family reported her missing, although police have not yet confirmed who alerted them that she had disappeared.

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