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Who was Baroness Masham? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Death, Female House of Lords Member

Baroness Masham Wikipedia – Baroness Masham Biography

Baroness Masham, a Paralympian and the lengthiest serving female member of the House of Lords, has passed away, According to the charity she established.

Susan Lilian Primrose Cunliffe-Lister, an independent crossbencher, was granted a life peerage in 1970 and actively advocated for disability rights.

Baroness Masham Age

She was 87 years old.


Lady Masham won medals in swimming and table tennis at the 1960, 1964 and 1968 games and was created a life peer in 1970.

She spent much of her career campaigning for disability rights.

The Spinal Injuries Association she founded in 1974 said it was “devastated to have lost our greatest champion”.

It said she died peacefully in a hospital in Northallerton, Yorkshire, on Sunday.


After enduring a spinal cord injury from a riding accident in 1958, Lady Masham, born Susan Sinclair, became a wheelchair user. In 1960, she received a gold medal for the 25m breaststroke at the Rome Paralympic games and won another in women’s doubles table tennis in Tokyo in 1964.

She acquired six silver medals and two bronze across both sports in the three games she competed in. She was the featured guest on an episode of This Is Your Life in 1976.

As a crossbencher, Lady Masham served in the House of Lords for 53 years, the longest tenure of any female peer in history. In response to a lack of specialist care or advice available to newly injured individuals, she founded the Spinal Injuries Association and served as its president until her passing.

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The association praised Lady Masham as the driving force behind their ability to help and support thousands of people with spinal cord injuries. The association extended their condolences to her family.

Additionally, Lady Masham was a member of various all-party parliamentary groups, including those on global tuberculosis, HIV and Aids, and malaria.

The APPG on global tuberculosis stated that Lady Masham had passionately advocated for disability rights and tirelessly worked for people worldwide living with TB and HIV. They described her remarkable life as a testament to her compassion and dedication and mourned her loss.

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