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Helen Slayton-Hughes Wikipedia – Helen Slayton-Hughes Biography

Helen Slayton-Hughes, known most recently for her role as Ethel Beavers on “Parks and Recreation,” has died.

Helen’s family shared the news Thursday, saying, “Helen passed away last night. Her pain has ended but her fierce spirit lives on. Thank you for the love and support of her and her work. Rest sweet one.” The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Helen Slayton-Hughes Age

She was 92 years old.

Parks and Recreation

‘Parks and Rec’ fans remember Helen as Ethel, the court stenographer at Pawnee’s city hall that had a brutal and hilarious attitude. She worked alongside Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, and Aubrey Plaza in a handful of episodes during the show’s run. Her character even agreed to get adopted by Chris and Aubrey’s characters as their grandma.

Helen had been working in show biz for decades, appearing in a laundry list of projects including ‘Power Rangers,’ “The West Wing,” “NYPD Blue,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “That’s So Raven,” “Arrested Development,” “My Name Is Earl,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “New Girl.”


Family members announced the Parks and Recreation alum’s death on her Facebook page on Thursday. “To the friends and fans of our beloved Helen, Helen passed away last night,” the post read, “Her pain has ended but her fierce spirit lives on. Thank you for the love and support of her and her work.”

It ended, “Rest sweet one. -With love: The Hughes family.”

No cause of death was revealed in the announcement.

Alongside the announcement of her passing, the family shared a video of some of Slayton-Hughes’ quotes and most memorable moments in character. “I love doing drama but I’m always hired to do comedy,” the section read.

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“To our beloved Helen…you always made us laugh,” text across the screen read. “Thank you for the love and laughter. You inspired us all by living your dream until the end. Rest now, our sweet Helen. We know the laughter will continue wherever you are.”

Another quote by Helen read: “The universe is getting ready for a big project: preparing for my departure.”

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