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Who is Voria Ghafouri? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Iranian Soccer Star, Arrested

Voria Ghafouri Wikipedia – Voria Ghafouri Biography

Voria Ghafouri, a prominent former member of Iran’s national soccer team, was detained by Iranian forces because He had criticized the government. This happened as Iranian authorities struggled with nationwide protests that have loomed over the World Cup.

Ghafouri was a former player of the national soccer team. He was arrested Ghafouri was reported by the semi-official Fars and Tasnim news agencies as having been arrested for “insulting the national soccer team and spreading hatred against the government”.

Voria Ghafouri Age

He is 35 years old.

Iranian Soccer Star Arrested

According to state-linked Iranian media outlets, a prominent Iranian soccer player was arrested on Thursday for allegedly destroying the image of Iran’s national team.

Voria Ghafouri is an ex-member of Iran’s national team and a frequent critic of the government. His arrest came at a time when Iranian soccer players were being closely scrutinized for statements they made about the ongoing nationwide uprising that is Iran.

The Iranian national team refused to sing during Monday’s match against England. This was widely interpreted as an acknowledgment of protests. Iran’s national broadcaster displayed images of some spectators cheering on Iran during the game but did not show political signs.

Protests in Iran

The Sept. 16 death of Mahsa Amini (a Kurdish woman detained by Tehran’s morality cops) sparked the protests. They quickly grew to include nationwide demonstrations calling for the overthrow Islamic Republic. The protests erupted in the central region of western Kurdish, where Amini, Ghafouri, and other members of the Islamic Republic are from. The area was closed to shops on Thursday after calls for a general strike.

Iranian officials are not saying whether Ghafouri’s activism influenced the decision not to select him for Iran’s national team. He is part of the Khuzestan Foolad, a group based in Ahvaz.HamidrezaGarshasbi – the club’s Chairman – resigned later in the day, according to a semiofficial ILNA media agency, without providing further details.

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These protests, which show no signs of slowing down, represent one of Iran’s most prominent challenges since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Rights groups claim security forces have used live ammunition, birdshot, and beating to arrest protestors. Much of the violence has been captured on video. Iran sentenced an individual to death last week because he participated in the protests.

Human Rights Advocates in Iran, an organization that monitors the protests, reports that, at most, 442 people have been murdered and over 18,000 have been taken into custody.

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